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Visit Brasil Sensational – 2016 Olympic Games

Why travel to Brazil? keep reading to know why… ( You gonna love it )!

World cup 2014 and Olympic Games 2016 amazing online web videos!

To encourage tourism before, during and after the event of the World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016, the EMBRATUR Brazilian Tourism Portal, and Google launched a video channel on YouTube about tourism in Brazil.

As an incentive for tourists and tourism investment in Brazil, they innovated in the YouTube channel Visitbrasil.

It’s different. It’s interactive.

When choosing the video of your preference, the User chooses the legend of his own language in the video bar, which as it will assist

Google map integrated with video, interacts showing the regions in accordance with what we are watching in this video.

The world was surprised with the technology of interactive video, map and language.

Brazilians deserve and are pleased , after all, Brazil is Sensational!

Brand New in the world:

Google Map integrated with caption language YouTube videos related with Brazilian tourism:

Watch. INTERACT, subscribe

Brasil is Sensational! YES, it is!!!

Get ready for your trip to Brazil

Preparate para tu viaje a Brasil.
Preparez votre voyage au Bresil.

Pronti per il vostro viaggio in Brasile.
Machen Sie sich bereit für Ihre Reise nach Brasilien.

Prepare-se para a sua viagem ao Brasil


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Brasil Sensacional



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