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Brazilians Launches Manifesto in Democracy’s Defense

Blog do Reinaldo Azevedo

DEMOCRATIC RESISTANCE – Released Manifesto in Defense of Democracy, rule of law and press freedom.
A good exercise is to compare its contents with the manifesto that the PT and union leaders are spreading against press freedom.

On one hand, democratic civilization, on the other, the barbarism of dictatorship.

Joined on National Defense of Democracy in Brazil in resistance to some points of the National Human Rights – PNDH3 idealized by the Workers Party – PT

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Blog do Reinaldo Azevedo.

Brazilians raises their voices in defense of the Constitution, institutions and legality.

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Lula Accused of Following on Chavez’s Steps in Dealing with Brazilian Press:

Lula has repeated during public appearances that some sectors of the Brazilian media are acting “like political parties” and supporting opposition candidates. He has asked for more control over the press and stricter sentencing for “slander and the profusion of lies.”

Aguirre warned that “freedom of the press is a right that belongs to the people and not to the government…”



by Nilma Boston Rio



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