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Brazil Election 2010. Pastor Paschoal Piragini Jr. Warns Brazilians Christians

First Baptist Church of Curitiba. Brazil

God’s word uses an expression that we sometimes read and fail to grasp its meaning.
The word is ‘Iniquity’. What is ‘Iniquity”?

Iniquity is when we get so used to sin, that we’re no longer ashamed to do it.
And it becomes a second nature in our lives.

The Bible says that when iniquity prevails, In other words, when the heart of man is so callous that he’s no longer ashamed to sin,
and can’t even recognize that a particular act is sin.
It’s a time when God has to judge his land. Judge his people, judge a nation.

And it’s because of this that I have to do one thing that in 30 years of my ministry, I have never done. I completed 30 years of ministry on August 8, 2010. And in 30 years I have never done what I did this morning and will do it again tonight: I want to tell you that we need to be very careful with this coming election.

Because there are a number of bills underway, that will depend on the vote of a congressman, that will depend on the vote of a senator, which will be incorporated into national legislation through the Presidency of the Republic. We will be voting for these people, during the next month. Which will also find support in the State Chambers, in the actions that are carried out through the State.

And we need Christian values working in these contexts. Because of this a movement has started in Brazil, which I now take part in. Thanks to God – right. Of Christian leaders, from various denominations Evangelical and Catholics, who are working to prevent iniquity from being institutionalized into the power of law. And that’s why some pastors have taken tough stances, through the radio, TV, with their churches. And also the CNBB the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops, wrote a letter last week and published it to the entire press, taking a stance on these issues.

Let me ask you to take a few minutes to watch a video that talks about these problems, and of how we need to think seriously about them. Because everything that is going to be shown here is institutionalized iniquity. And we need to take a stance and say:  We don’t want that in our nation. And look for people to represent us to say: I will vote against such things.

Otherwise, iniquity will be official.
And God will have no other option but to judge our land.  That’s what the Bible says.

So check this video out, quickly.

All of this is happening in terms of draft laws in our nation.
Allowing such things, which for us are iniquity, to become totally normal and legal things in our nation.

And I would like to ask you not only to pray. I think we should all pray.
But to take up a stance, and when you vote to look for people who take a clear stance against these things and make a commitment to fight in the National Congress, to fight in government against the legalization of iniquity.

I know that there are people for and against all these issues in all political parties. But there’s a specific party that has finalized on this topic.

This political party is the PT of our president, at this year’s meeting during their general meeting when they nominate their congressmen.
It has finalized an agreement on these issues. In other words:
If one PT congressman or senator votes against, according to their conscience… against any of these laws, he is expelled from the party.

Two congressmen were expelled from PT for expressing their opinion against abortion. This has made the Catholic Church to declare her stance publicly. Because the two were linked to the Catholic Church in PT and they spoke out against abortion. And for that reason they were expelled from the party.
And the Catholic Church issued a public statement saying: “Don’t vote for any PT candidate”.

I would tell you the same thing. Some people won’t like what I am saying. But I am saying it very clearly. Because when we can’t vote with our conscience,
there’s no use voting for people. Because the party has finalized an agreement.

If you go to the website of the federal government, and find the National Program of Human Rights-3 (PNDH-3).
You will find all the proposals that the federal government through the president of the republic has put in the hands of Congress to be voted by the next legislature.
And all of them are finalized agreements to PT. They are all here. In this video. Ok.

And more, if you take a closer look.   you will see how the State apparatus is mobilized.
This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice lobbying. This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health lobbying.
And if the Ministers of State linked to this government don’t work that way they lose their office.

So I would like to ask you to take this question seriously. As a pastor I have never done this. I am not telling you to vote for A or B.
I am going to tell you whom not to vote for. For people who are working in favor of iniquity in our land.

Otherwise, my dear ones. God will judge our land. And if God judges our land. This will happen in my life and your life.
Because I am part of this land. Because God doesn’t tolerate iniquity.

Like I said to you this morning and repeat. May these claps be transformed into prayers and seriousness about
these issues that we face. Because our nation is suffering in this time.

Text from the YouTube Transcript  video:

Posicionamento do Pr. Paschoal Piragine Jr sobre as eleições 2010.

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Pr Paschoal Piragine Jr. is Senior Pastor of the  First Baptist Church of Curitiba – Brazil.

POINT RHEMA: Pr. SILAS MALAFAIA recebe carta de integrantes do PT e responde

Compilation by Nilma Boston Rio



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