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Watch the FIFA World Cup on the Internet

If you do not have access to a TV to watch the World Cup, below, I will show you two websites that will live broadcast the games live stream:

is a television network that speaks Spanish here in the U.S. – this TV network will broadcast live on your website in real-time the for immigrants who speaks Spanish and Portuguese and  live here in the United States…

It is an American channel that only broadcast sporting events years around on the United States of America.
They also are broadcasting live by his website games this FIFA World Cup:…

Therefore, during the FIFA World Cup event, visit one of these web sites to watch online soccer games.
Do not forget that: the image will frozen if your internet is dialup, but if you have broadband Internet, the images will be 99% real-time. post by NilmaBoston Rio Boston

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  1. in the next world cup, i would try to be so energetic and i would cheer all day for my favorite team ~~;

    Comment by Massage Cushion | November 22, 2010 | Reply

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