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Google On2 VP8 codec Online video

Nothing was said officially, but the open source community began to believe that Google would open the code of the VP8 codec.

Many are betting that in the event Google may release the code VP8 codec for community open source.

I searched the agenda of the event and have not found one that could be the talk of giving the code.

However, like everything is still speculation, I venture to say that it could be any of those dealing with

HTML5 because the VP8, as well as H.264, adhere well to this technology.

And how could this be done?

I believe that in addition to releasing the code itself on Google Code, Google may provide your own product video decoding.

It would likely be done with the delivery of a new version of Picasa, with functions of decoding all forms of video (including H.264) for VP6 and VP8.

It would be the most obvious bet, why do I think most proper decoding on the computer, by consuming too much processing, bandwidth and memory.

However, the product could be launched on YouTube or Picnik .

If Google release this code, see its entry in the contest for hegemony of the market for video codecs, which has the giants Apple and Microsoft ahead.

( Source: Google Discovery by Romulo de Araujo Mendes – PORTUGUES: )

Comment by NilmaBostonRio:

About On2 VP8 encoder Merger Update and Google, I know now through this article.

But I already knew the VP6 format that even you can try a free demo of Flix Pro encoder has On2 VP6 – Two pass encoding On2 VP6-S for High Definition output – the company’s website:

But I still prefer the H.264 QuickTime Pro to upload some of my web videos on YouTube in HD High Definition with compact file sizes.

Now, about the possibility of Google becoming the On2 VP8 in open source … is mouthwatering. Wow! So let it be.


Sobre o encoder On2 VP8 e Google Merger Update, estou sabendo agora atraves desse artigo.

Mas eu ja conhecia o formato VP6 que, inclusive,voce pode experimentar um free demo do encoder Flix Pro que tem On2 VP6 – Two pass encoding On2 VP6-S for High Definition output – no website da companhia ( link acima )

Mas ainda continuo a preferir o H.264 do QuickTime Pro para subir alguns dos meus web videos no YouTube em HD Alta Definicao com tamanhos de arquivos compactos.

Agora, sobre a possibilidade do Google tornar o On2 VP8 num open source… é de dar agua na boca…

Wow! Que assim seja!

Comment by NilmaBostonRio on:

Google trasnlate and compilation by @NilmaBostonRio



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  1. I couldnt agree with you more

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