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Embed Any HTML in WordPress

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This is the site with give instructions HOW you can embed plug in  your WordPress blog totally FREE!

Embed any HTML into a post.

Este é o site que dá instrução COMO voce pode embed plug in no seu blog no WordPress, totalmente GRÁTIS!

Coloque any HTML no seu tópico.


How to Install Plugins in WordPress Plugins can really enhance your WordPress site. There are many plugins to choose from when using wordpress. For example, the poll plugin. That is a nice plugin to have for interaction on your site. http://www.associatedcontent.comarticle/46753/how_to_install_plugins_in_wordpress.html


PORTUGUÊS:   Quando você for ao site, use o   Google Translate para traduzir o que está escrito na instrução, ok?


by NilmaBostonRio


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  1. […] Read more: Embed Any HTML in WordPress « NilmaBostonRio. […]

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  2. I’ve just made an wordpress plugin to embed youtube videos and flash in posts and pages.

    You can see it working and download at

    See you!

    Comment by IdealMind | November 21, 2009 | Reply

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